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Paul Hopkins - Personal Trainer

Fed up of going to the gym and not getting the results you want? Do you go to the gym and feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole experience? Do you put off going and say I'll go tomorrow? Don't know where to start to get yourself feeling fitter? That was me 5 years ago!


How my fitness journey started; after a family BBQ I was sat at home scrolling through Facebook as you do and I saw a photo of me and I hated it! (see photo in gallery) I was over 20 stones and wore XXX size cloths. I couldn't walk up the stairs without being out of breath. I had chest pains, and suffered from depression too. 


At that moment I decided it was time to change! I found a personal trainer who was fab, joined a running club, boot camp and walking groups anything that I could do to get myself fitter, healthier and a more awesome version of me.

That's why I set up Nottingham Fitness Meetup Group. To help people be the best they can be, meet new people, start their fitness journeys through our couch to 5K running group and personal training sessions and explore some amazing places with our awesome walks. Walks which are great to keep both the body and mind in shape!

Nottingham Fitness Meetup Group
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Tel: 07482 717972

Email: hopkinsfitness.net​

Location​​​​​​: 52 Manor Croft, Nottingham. NG6 0GU

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